Policies and guidelines are no fun, but they are in place to make sure everything runs smoothly and most importantly, to better serve you and your pups!


We have a $20 NO SHOW fee PER PET for a missed appointment, we strictly enforce this policy because we value everyone's time,  we get booked up in advance, we have a wait list and turn away customers daily, we feel it is not fair for our groomers or customers when someone misses their appointment, we completely understand unexpected circumstances and try to be as flexible as we can however we Kindly ask that you please cancel your appointment as soon as you know you can't make it to avoid the fee.


We do not believe in over vaccinating our dogs however we do require the rabbies vaccine and all puppies to have their first set of shots before coming in.


CASH PREFERRED! We prefer cash however we DO ACCEPT CARDS for your convenience! 

NO CHECKS and we are NOT able to take payments over the phone.


A day in grooming

When you arrive for your appointment, we will go over haircut instructions in detail to make sure that the haircut and service is everything you expect and more! You can get as detailed as you wish! Pictures help as well! The service takes about 2-3 hours per one dog, 3-4 for 3 or more pets and also depending on size, type of haircut and temperament. They will go in and out of a kennel as they get bathed, dried and wait their turn. We don't offer kennel free grooming for safety reasons unless you would like your baby to go to daycare while they wait (see Playing while waiting for Grooming section below) We also offer an EXPRESS SERVICE for those pups that have special needs or for pets (and parents) that just can't handle the stress of the grooming process (see Express Service in services section) We will TEXT when your baby is ready for pick up. IF YOU PREFER A PHONE CALL PLEASE LET US KNOW in advance. We can also give you a "heads up" to let you know you baby is almost done.


For safety reasons we do not allow parents to stay and watch their baby being groomed,  or to go into the grooming, bathing or daycare areas. It takes ONE second for two doors to open at the same time and in an instant a dog can and will bolt out of the building, customers are not allowed to open doors or come in unannounced at any time.

Severe matting and aggressive pups

We give every pup the benefit of the doubt when it comes to biting and to be honest if we had a dollar for every time a customer warns us about their biting vicious dog only to find out that they did great and got groomed with no problems, we would be rich!! We believe in the right environment, a scared or nervous doggie CAN do good! We would have to schedule accordingly (EXPRESS SERVICE OR SPECIAL HANDLING) sometimes they will need some type of doggie Xanax (totally made up word but you get the idea) but with a bit of patience, tons of confidence and a little prayer  99% of the time, we get them groomed! Now if only the same could be said about DEMATTING ..

Unfortunately, if your baby is too matted or tangled, they WILL be shaved with the safest length of blade depending on how severe the matting is, there is no exceptions to this rule as there is literally nothing we can do but shave, if the mating is not severe but in the beginning stages and you brought your baby in just in time the we can attempt to brush out. Dematting takes some time and skills and there is no other way to dematt a pup than to brush and pull and yank on the fur, if your baby tolerates it and it is not hurting them, we willl try it for an additional fee. 

Right to refuse service

We do reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at any time and for any reason we see appropriate. 

Customer Satisfaction

As much as we love your doggies and as careful as we try to be at all times, accidents do happen or haircuts don't always come out the same. We want you to know that first of all, we try our best every day to be near perfect so that your babe gets groomed safely and the haircut comes out flawless, prevention is key but in the rare event that something does go wrong, we will do everything in our power to make it right to you! Wether it be a cut or injury or a haircut that was not what it should have been, we will take care of it! no doubt, we will NEVER hide an injury or nick/cut from you EVER, we would rather risk loosing you as a customer than risk a minor nick or cut getting worse by hiding it from you, we are dog lovers before anything else and your dog's safety is our number 1 priority, always! Please know that you can always call us and let us know whatever the problem was and what we can do to fix it, you will not hurt our feelings if you were unhappy with the haircut and want something fixed, we want you to be 100% happy with our services. if you have a problem that needs our attention please call the owner Katia directly at the salon or email at katia@jossilu.com