Jossi Lu House of Grooming

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to provide shot records?
Although we do require that your dog is fully vaccinated, it is not absolutely necessary to bring shot records, however if your dogs shows signs of aggression at drop off or bites, we will need to verify that at least rabbies shot was given.
How long will it take to groom my dog?
We have a 2 to 3 hour turn around time, as long as you are on time for your appointment. If you are going to be late or can't make it please give us a call and let us know... appointments that are more than 30 minutes late may have to be rescheduled.
Will you brush out my matted dog?
There are different types of matting, if the mats are too close to skin and in case of extreme matting your dog WILL be shaved, brushing out a matted coat is a lot of work and takes some time and skills, if the coat is brushable and your dog tolerates it, we will be happy to brush it out at an extra charge. There is no easy way to dematt a coat other than pulling and yanking, so if your dog does not tolerate it, we wont hurt your puppy.
Can I stay and watch my dog being groomed?
Unfortunately no, doing so will only make the process harder on both your pup and the groomer, your dog will want to go with you and be distracted and make the process take longer, doggies are just like kids, they do so much better when mom and dad aren’t around!
What if I am not happy with my dog´s haircut?
We will make sure that you love the haircut! we will discuss -in detail- exactly what you want at drop off (this should take about 5 minutes) and you can get as detailed as you like! do not hesitate to tell us what you expect, this will ensure that you are 100% happy with the finished product!
Can I bring my dog right after a vet visit?
If your doggie had any type of vaccinations, no, dogs just like babies get irritated and sick after shots, grooming can be stressful and it can cause a bad reaction, let your baby rest for a couple of days before you bring him in for grooming.
Would you groom my aggressive dog?
We definitely will try! we are very good about handling nervous, shy or aggressive doggies, we give every dog a chance and the benefit of the doubt! usually they calm down after a while, and it helps a lot if you bring him/her during slow days..if after a little bit of trying your baby still refuses to be groomed then we will call you to come get him/her. *if we are able to get him groomed but it takes more than one person and more time than usual, there will be a special handling fee.
Can you refuse to groom my dog?
Yes, we do reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.
Can you keep my dog overnight?
No. We do not offer boarding, if your dog is here after closing hours, and you do not pick him/her up after attempts to reach you, there will be an overnight fee of $30 dllrs.
What if I just want a haircut? No bath or anything else.
We would rather you let us do the whole service, if you still would like to do "just" a haircut, we can, the price would be about the same and your dog MUST be clean and tangle free. We will determine at drop off if your doggie is in good condition to do just a haircut.
How soon can I bring my puppy to get groomed?
Your pup should be at least 8 weeks old to receive any services and have their first set of shots, we recommend starting small, no full haircuts.
May I tip my groomer?
Yes! You may tip your groomer if you wish.